Friday, June 18, 2010

I was featured!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wizard of OZ invite

Welcome to the Land of OZ

We had a terrific 3rd birthday party for Kerigan.  She of course dressed up as Dorothy.  I was Glinda, Corey the lion (or monkey), Pop pop was the tin man and Griffin was the scarecrow.  We invited friends from her class and neighbors.  Everyone had a great time.  

can you believe these cute lollipops were found at target (after valentines day sale) for 50 cents a piece.  

peanut butter and jelly or cheese wand witches

Yellow masking tape made a great yellow brick road
Part of the party favors were tee shirts I made by ironing on decals that said, I've got courage or I'm a lollipop kid.  

Special thanks to dimpleprints.. check Carli out she is amazing 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A much awaited entry of some very special birthday parties!

I can't believe it's been so long since I left an entry (not that being a full time working mom with two kids is an excuse) but I have been very busy.. 

Griffin turned ONE  I can hardly believe it.  He is so sweet.. We found out he has food allergies and can NOT have anything with dairy or eggs in it.. Now that we know we have our epi pen and at last a weekly visit to the earth fare totally 100 dollars a week!!  Did I mention he LOVES to eat!!  He is talking a bunch.  He says mama, dada, nana, lilly, woof woof, moo, cookie, thank you, more (well he signs it), book, ni ni (night night), hat, shoe, boot, one-two-three, boat, ball off.. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Farm Birthday Party

I have been trying to get some inspiration for Griffin 1st birthday, so I looked at Kerigan's 1st birthday party pics and couldn't resist sharing them again with you..

extra seating on porch

food table

Peanut butter haystacks

Trail mix

Milk the cow game was rubber gloves with pin holes in fingers in which children squezed out the "milk" into the large bucket.  

Cupcakes made by Delicious in Greensboro nc,  tiers were created by using mason jars with peeps inside, candy grass decorated the tiers.  

Large Cow was decorated as children walked in by putting black spots on the cow with their name on it. 

Wreath greeted guests as they came in (all paper decorations were made on the cricut)

Favor's were adorable buckets adorned with ribbon and personalized for each child.  Inside were rubber ducks, stickers, farm animal books and crayons.  

Monday, August 10, 2009

My big boy

Look I can stand!!  Griffin stood in his crib yesterday, he was laughing and jumping when I came into the room to get him after nap..  All I could do was giggle.. SO sweet!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boomerang Express

This week was soooo much fun.  Kerigan's preschool Cornerstone Baptist held a week long Vacation Bible school..  Kerigan was in the two year old class while Griffin spent time with two other babies, and I voluntered in preschool crafts.. We all had a fun and very tiring week.. I am beginning to see what lies ahead in august trying to get two kids up and ready to be out the door.  Nevertheless we made it everyday just in the nick of time.. 
Kerigan learned so much this week, she has slept with her bible everyday since starting last week..  

Here's a little story about Kerigan and a bible story she heard..

Kerigan learned about Jesus and his friend Peter.. She was told the story about Peter being out on the boat when Jesus appeared coming toward him walking on the water.  Later after dinner I asked Kerigan about the story, I said "It was so amazing that Jesus walked on water, he is a mircle Kerigan."  Kerigan said "no no mommy, Jesus not walk on water he fall down and choking he drown, non non he not do that."  I said "he did, that's why he is so amazing."  "we can't do those things, only Jesus can."  "no way" she persisted..  So Corey chimes in and says "kerigan jesus had on special slipppers so he could walk on the water."  (OHH MEN)  So yesterday we were packing up the car to go swimming at the pool.. Right before we got in the car  Kerigan said wait, she ran upstairs and came back to the car WITH HER SLIPPERS!!  She said I take them to pool so I not choke on the water, I walk!!  Ohh as cute as this story is, I still am not sure how to explain this to her again.  Gotta love kids!!

Here is Kerigan the first day of Bible school